Zombie Drift 3D

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About Zombie Drift 3D

Zombie Drift 3D takes you to a world where zombies take over the streets. During the attack, you must drive your car through the chaos. You hit everything in your way to get to safety and open the exit.

How to play

Living is the most important thing in Zombie Drift 3D. You'll face hurdles, barricades, and hordes of zombies.  As you drive, slide, swerve, and crash into things to clear the way and get to the exit. Watch out, though—the dead won't give up easily! Be smart as you avoid their strikes and make your daring escape.

Tips to win 

Care is very important in Zombie Drift 3D. To stay in control of your car and make the most of your impact, practice drifting around corners and obstacles.

You shouldn't just rush through everything you see. Plan your moves so that you hit things in a way that clears the way and lets you move forward.
Gather coins as you play the game to buy new cars and improve them with stronger guns and other features. Get as many weapons as you can, from spiked bumpers to rocket launchers, to improve your chances of life.

You can't stay still in Zombie Drift 3D. To get away from the zombies and get to safety, keep your foot on the gas pedal and always be moving.

Have fun and good luck!

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