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About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a first-person shooter game where players take control of an armed egg and get ready to scramble in intense shooting battles. Use all kinds of weapons to crack the opponents before they can crack you and become the best egg-based shooter in the arena.

A brief history of Shell Shockers game

Shell Shockers was developed by the independent game studio called Blue Wizard Digital and released in 2017. The game quickly gained popularity after release. Gamers are attracted by its unique concept of egg characters joining in intense battles. It has received many positive reviews from shooting game lovers and game communities. We and many players recommond this game to you since we have had a great deal of fun with it!

The game has been made available on different platforms including both computers and mobile devices. There's even an online community where players can connect, share tips, and learn strategies.

How to play Shell Shockers game


In Shell Shockers FPS game, all players become an egg and are armed with a variety of weapons. The game lets players experience the action through the egg's eyes. The objective varies depending on the game mode you choose. However, most of the time, you must use your battle, shooting, and strategy skills to eliminate all of the egg opponents.

Shell Shockers Game

Steps to play

1. When you join the game, the first step is to customize your character.

Head to the Inventory and change the egg colors, and skins, get it a hat, and arm it with different weapons.

2. Back to the main menu. Select the game mode you want to play.

Let's take a close look at each game mode and objective:

  • Free for All: This is the classic deathmatch mode. Every egg must fight for itself. Try to eliminate as many opponents as you can to win.
  • Teams: Cooperate with your teammates (either red or blue team). The team with the most kills is the winner.
  • Captula the Spatula: Select a team and battle for the control of spatula.
  • King of the Coop: The red and blue team must try to capture the "coop" area.

3. Select Play and join the battle.

In some modes, you must pick a team. It can be either a Red or Blue team.

4. Aim, shoot, and crack the opponents.

Game Controls

  • WASD to move the egg character.
  • Spacebar to jump.
  • Left-click to fire.
  • Shift to aim.
  • R to reload.
  • Q to throw a grenade.
  • E to change weapon.
  • F to perform a melee attack.
  • Enter to chat.

You can change the default game controls in the Game settings menu.

Become the pro egg shooter in this multiplayer FPS game

Hone your movement, aiming, and shooting skills to defeat all of the opponents in intense battles! Always remember that you're an egg, and an egg is easy to crack. So move carefully!

Besides, the game provides players with a vast array of weapons. Make sure that you are heavily armed with the best and the most suitable weapons. And just like any other shooting game, the controls are not easy to master. It may take you some time to fully master the movement.

Beyond the Basics!

There's a lot more in the game that waits for you to discover. For example, there are various maps and each one has unique layouts! Power-ups are also scattered randomly around the map. These can bring you an advantage in the game!

If you want to unlock many new customization options, log in daily and complete challenges!

Game Tips

Here are some pro tips to improve your performance in Shell Shockers online game.

How to aim and shoot down the opponents in Shell Shockers

  • Aim at the center of the egg to cause the most damage. 
  • To improve the accuracy of your shoot, you should stand still when shooting.

How to stay alive

  • Do not stand still for too long.
  • Use cover: Position yourself behind cover to minimize exposure to enemy fire.

Other important tips

  • Master your weapons: Each weapon has its own strengths and characteristics! Try different weapons to find the ones that suit your playstyle the best. Try to learn how to use each weapon effectively in different situations.
  • Teamwork: In team-based modes, you must communicate and work with your teammates. Try to strategize and cover each other to overwhelm the opposing team.
  • Master the movement: Take time and master different kinds of movement techniques! Jump, crouch, dodge enemy fire, and gain a tactical advantage.
  • Use power-ups wisely: Ammo crates or health packs can give you an advantage in battles. Use them wisely when needed.

Shell Shockers Unblocked is a thrilling FPS game that puts players in a fast-paced egg battle for victory.

Game Features

  • Multiple game modes: Captula the Spatula, Teams, Free for All, King of the Coop.
  • A wide range of weapons: EGGK-47, Free Ranger, RPEGG, Whipper, Crackshot, Tri-hard, Scrambler, and more.
  • Daily rewards: Get different daily rewards like shells, hats, and more.
  • Power-ups: Collect power-ups scattered around the map like health packs, speed boosts, invincibility, and rapid fire.
  • Regular updates: The game is updated regularly. New content, maps, features, and more.


Can I play Shell Shockers on mobile devices?

Shell Shockers FPS game is available on various platforms including mobiles and PCs.

How do I earn XP and level up in Shell Shockers?

Join matches, get kills, and complete different challenges to earn XP and level up.

How can I invite friends to play with me in Shell Shockers?

Simply share the game link or room code with your friends to invite them to play with you.

Bottom line

Shell Shockers introduces a new unique concept to the game community and cracks the world of first-person shooter games. This egg-ceptional game tasks players to transform into an armed egg and scramble the opponents with shooting and strategy skills in battles. 

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