About is a fps game that sets in a pixelated world. Players take the role of different classes and use their weapons to defeat all of the opponents in the battlefield.

How to play

If you are a fan of Counter Strike, and other FPS games, this is a must-try! In this game, players must take down the enemy with their aiming and shooting skills.

The first step is to select a class. Each class features a different outfit, weapons, and style. For example, the triggerman will have a pistol and assault rifle as the main weapons. There is a total of 11 classes, ranging from hunter, and agent, to detective, bowman, and more.

The next step is to select a map.

There are hundreds of maps featuring superb designs. You can battle in lava or even pyramids!

Upgrade and become the best shooter!

You can customize and upgrade your character. Equip yourself with powerful weapons and jump into the battlefield!

Game controls

  • WASD = Move.
  • Left-click = Shoot.
  • R = Reload.
  • Spacebar = Jump.
  • Shift = Coruch.
  • C to Aim/Zoom.
  • F = Spray paint.

Game Features

  • Different game modes including Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Spatula
  • An extensive range of weapons, skins, and maps
  • Fantastic FPS game experience

Game Tips

  • Practice your aiming and shooting skills.
  • Master a wide range of movement skills like strafing, bunny hopping, and slide hopping.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the maps  - This will enable you to predict adversary actions and identify advantageous places to outwit your rivals.
  • Keep an eye out and stay in constant communication with your teammates to stay ahead of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.