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About TileShooterz.io

Players in the exciting game TileShooterz.io fight for territory and their lives in a very interesting way. The game is played by moving around a map and claiming tiles and turrets by walking over them to earn points. For extra points, players can also shoot at other players. Then, players use these points to level up and buy upgrades, which makes the game much more strategic.

How to play

No doubt, you should try to be that person. Kill enemies to eliminate them and take their tiles, one by one, until you have the most and best tiles. That's it! Start right now, and we hope you reach the top of this game. Then come back and play some of our other daily games that you can only find here!


You can move around with WASD or the arrow keys, and the game will automatically shoot. To aim, move the mouse to point it at the targets you want to shoot. Each player on a map is given a color, and as you move on the tiles, they change to your color. At the end of the round, the player who has taken over the most territory wins.

Tips and tricks

Getting as many tiles under your control as possible early on can give you a big advantage. Always be on the lookout for chances to kill your enemies, but remember that luck favors the brave, not the careless. Finally, if you spend smartly on upgrades for yourself, they can tip the scales of power in your favor.

Have fun and good luck!

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