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About Taming.io

Taming-io is an io game where your pets can do magic and fight with you. As you get older, you can gather materials and get upgrades.

Controls Guide

You and your pet are the only ones there at first. You should quickly cut down trees to get wood to start aging and gather materials to build things. Weapons are also important. You'll get a variety of prizes that make you a better survivor every time you reach a certain age. These prizes could be anything from food to help you get better to tools and weapons.

The pet fights are what make Taming stand out. When you first start, you can pick from a few pets. You can also train up to three wild animals. Try getting close to any wild animal and see what happens.

To work together, it's smart to become friends with some of them. If you do it by yourself, it will be harder because other teams and better people will beat you.

Have fun and good luck!

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