About is a popular 2D battle royale game where players are dropped onto an island and try to collect weapons, ammo, and other items to fight against other players. The last man stands is the winner. 

How to play game

Like other IO games, players will join the arena and battle to become the last player to survive.

The game was inspired by Fortnite and PUBG game. When you enter the game, you will be landed on an island. Move around and collect all kinds of weapons that you can use to attack the opponents.

There are numerous weapons and each has different damage. There are over 100 weapons, ranging from rifles to grenades, and melee weapons.

The important thing in the game is that you have to try to stay in the safety zone. Otherwise, your health will be dropped. And when it goes to zero, you will lose the game.

3 Game Modes to try

  • Single-player
  • Duo - Two players become a team
  • Squads - 4 players become a team
  • Temporary game modes - These modes will be released regularly and only last a few days


To keep players interested, the game is often updated with new features and content. Players can customize their characters with various skins and cosmetic items.