Ready for the most exciting battle ever? In, you and other players can both play as the scary but funny Skibidi Toilet. Gather toilet paper to get bigger, hit weaker Skibidi Toilets to make them smaller, or hit them so hard that they fall off the platform!


Controls Guide has easy-to-understand controls that make the game fun for hours on end. The controls of the game can be learned in just a few minutes. You start out in a battle arena with lots of Skibidi Toilets. The first thing you need to do is gather toilet paper to get bigger. Your size does shrink, though, every time you hit one of the bigger Skibidi Toilets or the spikes inside the arena.

You can play by yourself and win the arena, or you can invite a friend and play against them!

A mix of melee and gun characters gives the game a lot of different kinds of characters with different skills. For example, one character's ability lets them dash at super speed, while another character's ability lets you fire more bullets.

Have fun and good luck!