Dumb Ways To Die

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About Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways to Die is a game where the goal is to keep an animated figure called "dunce" safe from different dangers.

Controls Guide

Your characters need to be alert and quick to get out of situations that could be very dangerous.

You have to do things like run as fast as you can to put out a fire on your character's head, carefully spread mustard on your hot dog before a rattlesnake bites your nose, destroy asteroids to keep your character from getting squashed, and spin your character in the opposite direction of a washing machine's spin cycle to stay alive.

You have to complete several tasks with a certain number of points to move on to the next character you need to save.

It looks pretty easy, but it's not so easy because you only have a short time to finish some pretty basic jobs. You need to move faster the more time you waste.

Have fun and good luck!

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