Dreadhead Parkour

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About Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour is a game where you get to slide, backflip, frontflip, and move around each level as the flashy Dreadhead. Get to the end!

Controls Guide

In this game, players take control of a character named Dreadhead and go on a journey that is full of challenges!

As a parkour game, players have to run, jump, flip, climb, and do many other things to get past a set of hurdles. The ultimate goal is to finish all the levels and reach the end door.

People traveling through the game may come across spikes, gaps, saws, bombs, dangerous moving items, crazy terrain, and other things. To get past all of these challenges, you need to be good at parkour.

It will get harder and harder to beat the tasks as you move through the game.

Have fun and good luck!

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