Capybara Clicker

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About Capybara Clicker

In the clicker game Capybara Clicker, you're supposed to click to make more capybaras.

Controls Guide

Click to make capybaras. When you buy improvements that make more capybaras, the population grows faster. In the end, every click will let out billions of capybaras, causing a population problem in the capybara world. If you want to start over, press the ascend button. This will give you a lasting buff on your next game.

Capybaras are beautiful even when they're not dressed up, but this huge rat should get something for increasing the number of capybaras in the world. Open your capybara's room and pick out a cool outfit from the list. Reaching population milestones and weather scenarios for the right background will let you get more.

Have fun and good luck!

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