Captain Forever

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About Captain Forever

Captain Forever tests your skills as a fighter and an engineer. You can build planes and fly them at the same time.

Controls Guide

As with all ships, removing their command module frees up all of their modules, which you can then use to build your ship. On the other hand, a white mark on the command module lets you tell who the player is. If you know the right crafting recipes, you can even change your logo to reveal or conceal your goals. For example, a medical cross could mean you'll help other players, while a skull could mean you're hostile. But if you kill other players, you'll be marked as a pirate and get a big red arrow pointing at you.

Pick up a cluster that fits a plan for making something new and press C. To help you get started, the game's help menu tells you about at least one crafting process. You can make a lot of different things, like repair beams, nose cones, side boosters, massless girders, and so much more!

Have fun and good luck!

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