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About Bitlife

There is a game called BitLife where players take charge of the whole life of a stranger.

Controls Guide

The game gives you a profile of a newborn when you choose to start over. You will start out as a baby with no money in your bank account. You'll know simple things like their name, gender, age, sexuality, and where they live. Besides that, other details like your parents, brothers, pets, or birthdays will also be given. The game will decide based on these simple facts.

Also, when you start a new life, you should pay attention to some of your signs. There are 4 stats: looks, health, happiness, and intelligence. When you start, each stat is checked at random. They stand for four different parts of your life: how you feel, your health, your brain, and how you look. These are likely also important things to know about a person. These signs go all the way up to 100%. Your life will be better and more full if the index is high. In fact, if these measures are low, your life is bad. The most important number is the health stat. Your life will end if this stat is 0%.

Have fun and good luck!

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