Battle Dudes

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About Battle Dudes is a 2D battle shooter game where players must fight against players around the world with guns, tanks, and different forces. Can you become the best shooter in this game?

How to play game

The game takes place in a destructible environment. Players are provided with 20 different weapons and can switch between them easily to take down the enemy.

In addition to a wide array of weapons, players can take advantage of different vehicles in the game to transport. There are tanks and jeeps that you can hop in and navigate around the map quickly.

Upgrades and level-up

As you progress in the game, you can unlock new weapons. These can give you an edge on the battlefield. For example, you can increase speed, health, or weapon damage.

Currently, there are 9 open maps for players to explore.

Game Controls

  • WASD = move the character.
  • Left-click = Shoot.
  • R = Reload.
  • 1/2/3/4 = Switch weapons.
  • M / Tab = enlarge the map.
  • E = Enter vehicles.


  • Different game modes
  • Various upgrades
  • Intense battles with numerous weapons

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